Cool Kids

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Keep your kids looking forward to their haircuts! We know the process of cutting their hair can be scary, especially for those young kids. Here at MC Hair Salon we have created a super fun and relaxed environment to clip those kids locks. We want to help them express their unique and fun styles, so they play a huge part of their personal consultation. We want to make sure their style is uniquely their own, with the parents help, of course. So you can both sit back, relax, and leave with smiles on everyones face.

Does your little one have thick, coarse, super curly or unruly hair? Fret not, we handle this. We will work one-on-one with you to give you all the tools and information you need to manage your children's manes at home. This includes styling tips, home hair care product suggestions, and helpful tool to make you and your child’s life easier. Kids cuts (12 and under) are super affordable too, starting at just $15.

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