Davines is our hair care product line of choice here at MC Hair Salon, and with great reason. Since the beginning, Davines has focused on crafting high quality hair products that are scientifically engineered to work and help you express your distinctive style and spirit using cutting-edge cosmetic technologies. They are all-natural, derived from the best botanicals and ingredients found in the world. This makes Davines products concentrated, luxurious and long lasting. 

Whenever possible, Davines products are created and packaged with zero environmental impact with respect for the environment as a top priority. Their philosophy on sustainable beauty, which you can learn more about here, is another reason we love using Davines, and sharing it with you.


Wella is our main color line chosen for its ability to deliver predictable color results and supreme hair care, every time. Not only does it provide a precise and even development of color, the conditioning agents that are built in help keep your hair healthy and shiny. With a variety of colors to choose from we are sure to find your perfect shade.

Pulp Riot

We use Pulp Riot for our fashion color line. They deliver super bright and fun colors. And added bonus, it is vegan, gluten, ammonia, paraben ppd, and MEA free! Never tested on animals. Get that cool color you have been dreaming of, and feel good about it too!


We offer olaplex to clients as an additional service or to include with your color treatment. Olaplex is used to restore any broken bonds and for protecting and keeping the integrity of the hair intact.  It ensures the strongest, shiniest, healthiest hair possible.

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